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Introducing Tri ethylene Glycol by Gangababa – Your Trusted Export Partner

Discover the versatility of Tri ethylene Glycol (TEG), a colorless, viscous liquid renowned for its exceptional hygroscopic quality and unmatched ability to dehumidify fluids. At Gangababa, we take pride in offering bulk and wholesale supplies of this indispensable compound to clients worldwide.

Product Overview: Tri ethylene Glycol, with the chemical formula C6H14O4, is a key component in various industries, thanks to its unique properties. It is produced as a co-product of the ethylene oxidation process, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Production Process: Our Tri ethylene Glycol is manufactured through the oxidation of ethylene at elevated temperatures, facilitated by a silver oxide catalyst. The resulting ethylene oxide is then hydrated to yield mono, di, tri, and tetra ethylene glycols. This meticulous process ensures the production of a top-quality product that meets global standards.

Storage and Distribution: Gangababa ensures that our Tri ethylene Glycol reaches you in pristine condition. Stored and transported in stainless steel, aluminum, or lined containers, including tank cars, tank trucks, or 225 kg drums, our product maintains its integrity. With a specific gravity of 1.125 and a flash point of 168 °C (closed cup), it complies with safety standards and is not classified for transport by road, sea, or rail.

Applications: Tri ethylene Glycol is a powerhouse in the Oil & Gas industry. Its hygroscopic nature makes it an ideal dehydrating agent for natural gas pipelines, efficiently removing water from the gas before condensation. This process ensures smooth transportation and management for end consumers, preventing freezing-related issues.

Beyond the Oil & Gas sector, Tri ethylene Glycol serves as a mild disinfectant. With low toxicity, antimicrobial properties, and a subtle odor, it is perfect for air disinfection in occupied areas where aggressive disinfectants are unsuitable. Additionally, its dehydrating properties make it an excellent dehumidifying agent in air-conditioning units.

Why Choose Gangababa: As a leading exporter with a commitment to quality, Gangababa provides you with a reliable source for Tri ethylene Glycol. Our dedication to excellence ensures that you receive a product that meets your specifications and exceeds expectations.

Experience the difference with Gangababa – your partner in global sourcing. Contact us today for bulk and wholesale supplies of Tri ethylene Glycol and explore the limitless possibilities it offers across various industries.

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