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Product Description: Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane)

Gangababa, your trusted global exporter, proudly offers high-quality Methylene Chloride, also known as Dichloromethane, a versatile chemical with diverse industrial applications. Our Methylene Chloride is sourced with a purity specification of 99.9% minimum, meeting the stringent requirements of various industries.

Product Details:

  • Chemical Name: Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane)
  • Other Names: Dichloromethane; Methylene Dichloride
  • CAS No.: 75-09-2
  • Molecular Formula: CH2Cl2
  • Molecular Weight: 84.93

Physical Properties:

  • Appearance: Clear, colorless volatile liquid
  • Odor: Mild, sweet, penetrating, ether-like odor
  • Density: 1.33 g/cm³
  • Boiling Point: 40℃


  1. Solvent: Methylene Chloride serves as a highly effective solvent in various industries, facilitating processes such as paint stripping, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and electronic production.
  2. Paint Stripper: Widely utilized as a paint stripper, Methylene Chloride efficiently removes coatings and varnishes, contributing to surface preparation in the paint and coating industry.
  3. Caffeine Extraction: With its unique properties, Methylene Chloride is employed in the decaffeination process for coffee and tea, showcasing its role in the food and beverage industry.
  4. Aerosol Formulations: Found in some aerosol products, Methylene Chloride contributes to formulations where its solvent properties are valuable.

Safety and Environmental Considerations:

  • Methylene Chloride is a non-flammable, colorless liquid, but caution must be exercised due to its sweet odor.
  • Adequate ventilation is recommended during handling to prevent exposure to high concentrations of vapors.
  • Safety guidelines provided by regulatory agencies should be followed to ensure proper storage, usage, and disposal.

Quality Assurance: Gangababa is committed to delivering top-notch products, and our Methylene Chloride conforms to the highest industry standards. We provide bulk and wholesale supplies to meet the demands of your business.

Choose Gangababa for reliable sourcing and efficient delivery of Methylene Chloride, fulfilling your industrial needs worldwide. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the excellence we bring to global trade.

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