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Introducing Di Acetone Alcohol – Your Versatile Solution for Diverse Industrial Applications!

Gangababa, a leading exporter of a wide range of global products, is pleased to offer Di Acetone Alcohol (DAA) for bulk and wholesale supply worldwide. Di Acetone Alcohol is a clear and colorless liquid with a delightful odor, making it a versatile choice for various industrial applications.

Product Features:

  • Chemical Formula: C6H12O3
  • Appearance: Clear colorless liquid
  • Odor: Pleasant
  • Flash Point: Below 141 °F
  • Density: Less dense than water
  • Vapor Characteristics: Vapors heavier than air


  1. Industrial Solvent: Di Acetone Alcohol serves as an effective industrial solvent, finding applications in the formulation of paints, coatings, and varnishes.
  2. Chemical Intermediates: As a beta-hydroxy ketone, DAA is a valuable chemical intermediate in the synthesis of various compounds, contributing to the production of pharmaceuticals and other specialty chemicals.
  3. Cleaning Solutions: Its solvent properties make Di Acetone Alcohol an excellent component in cleaning solutions for industrial equipment and machinery.
  4. Plant Metabolite: With a natural origin found in various plants like Annona muricata and Bistorta manshuriensis, DAA brings a touch of nature to your industrial processes.

Why Choose Gangababa for Di Acetone Alcohol?

  • Global Reach: We cater to clients around the world, ensuring reliable and timely supply.
  • Quality Assurance: Gangababa is committed to providing products that meet the highest quality standards, backed by stringent quality control measures.

Safety and Compliance: Gangababa prioritizes safety. Di Acetone Alcohol should be handled with care, following all safety guidelines and regulations. Our product adheres to industry standards to ensure your peace of mind.

Experience the versatility and reliability of Di Acetone Alcohol with Gangababa’s bulk and wholesale supply services. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and benefit from our commitment to excellence in product quality and customer satisfaction.

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