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The best fulfillment company is a great partner to any eCommerce business and customers. Gangababa is one of the leading and large Export, Fulfillment, and Forwarding service company in India. We help companies to deliver products and safe shipping for customers.

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    Why Product Packaging is Important

    The eCommerce business become huge with a lot of competition. It may be easy for making your first sale but to stand in the market with profit and a large customer base is not an easy thing.

    You should focus on giving the best products, personalized branding, and most importantly safe packaging with no damage.
    Here is where a fulfillment company like Gangababa helps with professional packaging methods and technologies.

    Nowadays, customers are expecting the packaging to be done in a more neat, clean, and professional way. They judge you for that. So, to satisfy your customers’ needs and minimize the chances of returns due to bad packaging, you have to choose a fulfillment center that offers many packaging options based on the product type.

    We can’t treat all products and goods in the same way. Packing consumer goods and retailing products are different. You should pack them in the right way to avoid damage.

    Packaging is not only the outer cover but it should take part inner also. You have to make sure the products inside the boxes are safe. The best fulfillment and packing centers like Gangababa ensure these conditions. We use high-quality insulation materials like bubble wrap, shredded paper, styrofoam peanuts, foam rolls, air pillows, and Thermocol frames.

    Types of Packaging for Online Business

    Based on the product type, there are 12 different types of packaging are available right now with us. The right packaging increases your quality service to your customer base which eventually convinces them to buy more from you and recommend you to their friends and family.

    1. Corrugated Boxes

    Corrugated Boxes

    2. Paperboard Boxes

    3. Paper Bags

    Paper Bags

    4. Rigid Boxes

    5. Bottle & Cap

    6. Plastic


    7. Poly Bags

    Poly Bags

    8. Foil-Sealed Bags

    9. Cotton Bags


    10. Jute Bags


    11. Envelopes & Bubble Mailers

    Envelopes & Bubble Mailers

    12. Dunnage

    interior packaging

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