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Book inspection service in gangababa to ensure the product quality while buying the mass products. “We can source whatever product you want from us and deliver in its best quality at your doorsteps!”



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    Why Us?

    In this globalized world it is nearly impossible to discuss manufacturing without India. There is at least one supplier from India who is located in the import export business supply chain. The goods manufactured from India have a lot of benefits at the same time it also comes with some difficulties. When it comes to the product inspection data, India products have 25% of AQL failure rate. Which means one-fourth of the India products are failures. But you can easily avoid this issue and risks by following the quality inspection service. It is very important for the importer or retailer in India. 

    What is Product Inspection In India?

    India’s product inspection supervisor ensures the quality of the product taken by the importers and guarantees the quality of the product. Our inspection service helps to collaborate with the right suppliers. Inspection audit verifying the sincere supplier to avoid non good manufacturers and scammers. The inspection and audit is taken advantage of in the pre-production, which is the base of the Quality Control process in india. But it is guided by the wide QC checklist.

    Once you choose the correct supplier in India, our inspection service agency will inspect the quality of the product before the mass production and then it will proceed to PSI and DUPRO. The process of quality control will be completed after the inspection company checks the quality of the products for shipping.

    How does the inspection service in India help to ensure product quality?

    Inspection service helps to ensure the product quality is the same as promised by the supplier.It is very important to ensure that the products are associated with legal requirements, specifications, and suitable for the use of your customer. One of the biggest problems most of the importers are facing is, the low quality products may cause some harm to the customers. The harm to the customer is in several forms like physical injuries that are caused by faulty products.

    Audit And Inspection Types In India For Quality Control

    Types of Quality Control Audit

    Quality Control Audit will help you to choose the correct supplier in India and avoid the risk of quality problems. These are the four common quality control audits in India.

    This audit will be conducted while searching for the right supplier in India. It will help to check the reliability of the supplier and helps to be aware of Scammers.

    This audit will check the social action in the workplace of the possible suppliers and find out the unfair social activities like illegal labor. This audit will help to avoid wrong suppliers to protect your reputation.

    This audit will help to check the capacity and capability of your manufacturer. It ensures that your supplier has the capacity to produce products based on your requirements.

    Amazon FBA is a perfect example for specific audits, which helps Amazon sellers to identify the correct manufacturer in India.

    Types of Inspection Service

    We do the step-by-step process to ensure the specification and requirements of the product that is a Quality Control Process. This process contains several types in product inspection and audit.

    Initial production check is the on-site inspection conducted by a third-party inspection company to evaluate the material, capacity, and the implementation required for the product. This inspection will start before the manufacture of the product to ensure the manufacturer delivers the product in AQL. This is the first level of inspection. In this step, 20% of the inspection will be completed. Moreover, this step will help to correct the defaults of the product before mass production.

    DUPRO is also known as online inspection. This is an on-site inspection, which is conducted in the initial stage of product manufacturing. When 20% of production is done, this inspection will be conducted to check the quality and the further progress of the production. Importers are connected with the manufacturers in India and hire the Quality Control expert to conduct DUPRO. This DUPRO inspection will help to reduce the quality problems and high-cost defects in the initial stage of the manufacturing process.

    Pre-Shipment Inspection is a formal inspection. In this inspection sample products are randomly collected from the products which are already manufactured. This inspection is conducted based on the ISO certification of the product to identify and solve the conformity and quality problem before shipping. This Pre-shipment Inspection is conducted after the 80% production is completed and ready to deliver.

    Container Loading Check is the last step in product inspection. In this inspection, the quality control inspector will check the quantity of the products loading based on the color, size, and style. The number of the products loading for shipments to various locations is checked.

    Process of Product Inspection In India

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    Benefits of Quality Inspection While Shipping Products From India

    If you are a retailer or seller, India’s Quality inspection makes a great impact on your business. These are some of the benefits of Quality Inspection for retailers.You can only get all of these benefits by choosing the right organisation of audit and inspection.

    Avoid Delay

    Most countries are asking for inspection certificates to import the products. Quality control quickly provides the inspection certificate which helps to avoid delay.

    Quality Assurance

    Concentrating on the quality of the product is very important for a successful business. Supplier audit and quality inspection will help to easily get the product in required quantity with high quality.

    Preserve Resources

    Quality inspection helps to deliver the product in the Acceptable Quality Limit. Minimum faulty products will help to reduce the wastage while reworks.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Quality inspection helps to deliver the high quality products. It is very important to satisfy the customer.

    Cost Reduction

    Inspection the quality of the product while manufacturing will help to identify the faults and non-compliance problems in the early stage. You can take action at an early stage and reduce the rework cost.

    Increase Sales Margin

    Quality inspection ensures that the manufacturer delivers the high-quality product. High quality products sell quicker than the faulty product, so it will automatically increase the sales margin.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Quality inspection allows to monitor the manufacturer factory and production. It helps to easily identify the problems in early stage and assist the immediate correction for the compliance.

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